Stop Home Loan Banks From Foreclosing Your Home

When confronted with the possibility of foreclosure, it is but natural that a person may feel disheartened and helpless. The thought of losing the home where you and your whole family lives can be unbearable. However, foreclosure should not be the end of your road. There are still some steps that can be done to turn the situation around.Banks Are Not Happy About ForeclosureThe notion that banks are happy about foreclosing homes is a false one. In reality, banks would prefer to receive regular cash payments rather than house titles. This is the reason why banks usually have financial assistance programs to help those who are facing foreclosure of property.A Back-Up PlanIf you have been a good payer in the past months or years, there is no reason why banks shouldn’t extend a back-up plan to help you with your mortgage. A new payment arrangement can be made on your behalf to help you keep up with your bills. But in order to make this happen, you have to meet with your lender and inform them about your present financial situation.Yes, going through the details is necessary so that your lender can understand why you are having difficulty in keeping up with your monthly mortgage. If you have lost work or if you are in need of money due to a family emergency or a sickness in the family, you need to tell your lender. Ask if you can avail of new arrangements with regards to submitting your payment.Reinstatement and ForbearancePerhaps a reinstatement can be made so you can submit your payments at a later date. Your lender will also likely grant you forbearance due to the fact that you are taking steps to improve your current situation. Once the lending companies see that you are caught in a temporary financial crisis and that you are doing the necessary actions to get by your financial difficulties, they would be willing to make some arrangements for you.Mortgage RefinancingAnother option would be refinancing your home loan. Perhaps you may avail of a new mortgage loan with lower interest rates as your existing loan. Ask your lending company if it is possible for you to refinance your existing mortgage loan without filing for a new application. Some lending companies give this opportunity for clients who are stranded in a financial crisis due to circumstances beyond their control.Ask AssistanceIf you want, you can also ask assistance from non-profit groups or credit counseling agencies to help you talk with your creditors. These groups are particularly knowledgeable and experienced on financial matters so they know how to deal with creditors. They can help you reach a new payment plan that will be more appropriate for your present monthly income. Find a reputable non-profit group or credit counseling agency in the internet and check its credibility from the Better Business Bureau. These associations should be willing to help you without asking for an expensive professional fee or service charge.Stop ForeclosureWhen faced with the possibility of foreclosure, the first thing you would want to do is take a look at your present financial status. If the situation is much worse than expected, for instance, if your mortgage will eat up more than 40% of your monthly income, then perhaps you should consider selling your home property. But if your monthly earnings still allow you to pay at least 40% or less of your monthly mortgage, then it is very possible to save your home without turning back on your mortgage.The important thing to remember is to get in touch with your lender as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you’ve missed one or two monthly payments before notifying your lender. Don’t wait until your lender starts calling you about your balances. Have the initiative to inform your lender that you will not be able to submit your payment for the upcoming due date and explain why. In most cases, communication solves the problem.