Six Most Economical and Best Selling Hybrid Cars

If you are planning to go green, then you should take that passion and apply it to your automobiles too. Nowadays, you will find multitudes of fuel efficient cars that consume less fuel than regular ones, thus help in conserving the environment. These hybrid cars are equipped with a gasoline engine and an electric motor. But going green does not necessarily mean skipping out on style and exterior. As manufacturers now have started to combine both, hybrid cars are selling like hot cakes.

Here is my list of the most popular and top notch hybrid cars. The following six best selling hybrid cars have many luxury features too, which make them so attractive and expensive of course.

Toyota Prius Hybrid:

It is definitely not as large as the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid (mentioned later), but Escalade’s sales are nothing as compared to the selling power of Prius. Actually, Prius is the number one selling hybrid car in the market. Green loving people adore it for its excellent fuel economy and exterior design which has become its signature style. The latest version is larger and more comfortable and also has solar panels on the roof (which do not ruin its overall look if you are concerned about that). The cheapest of all on the list, it has an attractive price of $24,200.

Cadillac Hybrid Escalade:

This fabulous car is a perfect example of how you do not have to skip out on the bling to save the environment. It is the world’s first full size luxury hybrid SUV and hence has a whopping price of $73,850. I would not skip out on this one if I were you because it has features that are totally worth the price. It has a powerful V-8 engine and can seat up to eight passengers. Its high tech interior features include: an ultra-sonic rear parking assist, a rear camera vision and music control that automatically adjusts to background noise. It comes with a 25% enhancement on fuel economy when evaluated to the standard Escalade. Obviously, it does not save as much fuel as the standard smaller sized hybrid cars, but if you are looking to combine luxury, space and utility and a more environmental friendly vehicle, then I would highly recommend the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Lexus LS600h

For those of you who would like to opt for a smaller yet equally luxurious car as the Cadilac Hybrid Escalade, this one is for you. It is the largest and most luxurious car produced by Toyota (which is Lexus’ parent company). It is different and unique in both, external and internal aspects. The electric motor can power the car at slower speeds to save gas and provide a power boost to the gas engine fuel economy at its best. I would recommend this if you want to combine a thrilling ride with green driving. Its interior is equally beautiful with a combination of sleek leather and wood. Every Lexus vehicle has a Remote Touch Interface (RTI), but this particular 12.3 inch version is more eye catching than the road. It even has a rear seat entertainment system with an underarm cool rest for cool beverages. Obviously, with all these extravagant features the price of this car is $119,910 which exceeds that of the Escalade.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid:

If you are looking for a family vehicle that can hold a large number of people as well as luggage and is environmental friendly, then Toyota’s Highlander Hybrid is the perfect fit for you. It can seat up to seven people as well as having plenty of space for luggage, sports equipment etc. It has a sophisticated powertrain with a 3.5 liter V6 engine accompanied with two rather than the usual one, electric motors. It gives you up to 37 percent more fuel economy. It is also quite strong externally and is able to weather rough conditions and uneven dirt roads without a hitch. Internally, as mentioned before, it is spacious with adequate leg room. It is equipped with the latest technology like, a “Display Audio” multi-media system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen and Toyota’s Entune service, which offers apps like Bing search services, and Pandora music. The price $46,370 in my opinion is quite reasonable and affordable considering all the features it has to offer.

Honda Civic Hybrid:

Honda Civic hybrid is one of the most affordable hybrid cars in the market, therefore it automatically earns a place on this list. It is not very different from the standard Civic model which makes it difficult to distinguish. Its gas electric powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter i-VTEC inline-four that teams up with electric motor to give 110 horsepower and 127 lb-ft of torque. The exterior is the same as Civic but the latest model has been upgraded with slightly different features and a better interior too. The air vents have been revised and the cabin has been made more sound proof. Overall, the driving experience is also quite enjoyable; it is easy to handle and accelerates well. It is priced at a fair $24,360. However, lately its price has been trumped by the cheaper Honda Insight.

Toyota Camry Hybrid:

Another Toyota car on the list, which is hardly surprising considering Toyota offers some of the bestselling and popular hybrid cars. Similar to Highlander Hybrid, this all in one type also provides excellent performance and a comfortable and spacious interior. The engine is a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle inline four-cylinder gasoline combined with an electric motor. The car is available in two trim grades: the LE and the XLE. The former has all the basic features such as A/C, keyless entry, cruise control etc. The XLE is a more advanced version with extra interesting features such as a 6.1 inch touchscreen and a leather strapped steering wheel with audio control. Contrasted to the standard Camry, on the whole, there is a 26 % enhancement in fuel economy. The price is reasonable at $26,140 and the XLE version costs $1530 more.

Major Festivals in Nairobi

From official national events and cultural celebrations to arts, music and sports-related festivals Nairobi hosts numerous major festivals.

In Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya and one of the most developed and major cities in not only Kenya but also in Africa, you will be literally overwhelmed by the sheer number of festivals and celebrations that take place here.

Festivals held in Kenya are by and large not only held to foster sporting competition among various players and to award the best, but they are also social-cultural events that bring together people from diverse cultural backgrounds to share and exchange their experiences and ideas and contribute for the social good of the society.

Sports-related Festivals

Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament

  • An annual festival held in June at the Impala Club situated in Karen along Nairobi’s Ngong Road.
  • It is an international rugby tournament that involves seven rugby players on both sides.

KCB Safari Rally

  • An event mainly sponsored by Kenya Commercial Bank and held in April.
  • A 700km heart- throbbing motor race that begins and ends in Nairobi

Rhino Charge

  • Held every year, this event features adrenaline-rushing wheel drive through the roughest possible terrain in the Kenyan bush with the aim of raising funds towards the Rhino Arch Charitable Trust, meant to protect the endangered black rhino in the Aberderes.

Kenya Open Golf Championship

  • A festival held in April, it brings together the regional best in the sport of golf

Kenya Safari rally

  • An annual two-day event held in July, it showcases the best persons in navigating Kenyan wild, rough and dusty terrain behind the wheels.
  • The race climaxes in Nairobi amid pops of champagnes and cheers from both drivers and spectators

Nairobi Hood Hockey Festival

  • Held in February at the City Park Hockey Stadium, this festival brings teams from varied Nairobi Neighborhoods such as Eastlands, Parklands, Westlands, Southlands and Ngong Road, etc.

Arts and Music-related Festivals

Arts Festival

  • A 3-day festival held in March at the National Museums, Nairobi.
  • Draws artists from East African countries who exhibit varying works of arts, architectural designs, paintings and plays, etc.

Kenya Music Festival

  • A 10-day event held in August at the Kenyatta International Conference Center.
  • It converge musicians from all African countries in Nairobi, to compete and showcase their musical abilities.

North Sea Jazz Festival

  • A popular jazz festival globally that brings stellar jazz talent into the city, held in March.

Kenya International Puppetry Festival

  • Held in October, the festival exhibits indigenous types of puppet acts,


  • An October event that entails exhibition of local foods, arts, sports and everything and anything Kenyan culture.

Blankets & Wine

  • A monthly Afro-based music event
  • On the 1st Sunday of the month, audiences gather in picnic-styled settings at Leisure Gardens in Nairobi and enjoy Afro music.

Kijani Festival

  • Held in March, it features a diverse repertoire, from Jazz tunes to fusions of ballet.

Kenya International Film Festival

  • Held in October, the festival hosts diverse African films and film makers.

Other Festivals

Kenya Fashion Week

  • Held in June at Nairobi’s Sarit Center, the event is an expo-style fashion gala.

Kenya Tourism Week

  • A one-week September event that marks Kenya’s tourism week.
  • It provides an opportunity for tourists to savor Kenya’s diverse culture, wildlife, arts, music and food.

Kenya International Trade Exhibition

  • An annual event held in June, it showcases both domestic and international brands.

Sigana International Storytelling Festival

  • An annual event held in July, it brings together proficient story tellers from across the world.

Concours de Elegance

  • A world-class motor show exhibiting vintage machines that is held in September.

Kwani Literary Festival

  • Held in August, it entails a variety of activities that encompass signings and readings from different African authors.

Business Casual – 3 Ways to Look Sharp in Men’s Business Casual

Men, when it comes to dressing for work you’ve had it easy until recently Men’s clothing has evolved over the years to a look that fits men’s body types and activities, and makes most men look great.

Most men look good in a suit, and the traditional colors for business, such as a navy or grey suit with a white or blue shirt, compliment most men’s skin, hair and eye colors.

Then along came business casual and a new generation of men in the workplace, and the old rules no longer apply. Putting together all the elements isn’t as easy as coordinating a suit. It’s more difficult to dress in casual mode and look good.

1. Every industry has a dress code. Do you work in a conservative industry, such as finance or insurance? You most likely need to wear a suit when meeting clients, and dress down only on casual Fridays.

On the other hand, if you work in creative industries, such as advertising or design companies, it’s fine to have a bit of an edge. But you have to tailor your looks to a work environment, and choose clothes that suit your body type, coloring and personality.

And if you work in a high-tech, such as a software design company, the look is very casual. But you still have to look neat and clean. Grungy is not a business casual look!

2. Look at the people above you, and your clients. What are they wearing? If your boss or manager wears a suit most days, despite the casual dress code, you should probably do the same. Remember that you should be dressing for the job you aspire to, not the job you have now.

How do your clients dress? Dress to make them feel comfortable. If they are dressed very casually, you can match them, but be sure to be clean and neat. Sloppy and grungy are not business casual looks!

3. When in doubt, dress up. A common rule for business is to dress in traditional business attire for important meetings with outside business people. They still expect to see a business suit or jacket when a business deal is closed. Wearing a suit to meet a new client, or for a job interview, shows respect. Wear traditional business clothing when conducting business overseas.

If you are staying in the office, you can wear a sweater and casual pants. But jeans are only allowed in the most relaxed environments. Check with your human resources department if you aren’t sure what’s allowed.

Putting together a polished, professional business wardrobe takes time and thought.